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Storage Containers - Safe and Durable

Storage Containers - Made of Durable Materials
Manufacturer prices
Fast delivery
Wide selection
Superior quality
3D Projects gratuity
Small prices

If you are looking for storage space, we have the right solution! Storage Containers of different sizes and dimensions depending on your preferences. The storage containers are a quick and mobile solution for organizing space or the storage of goods. The storage containers have multiple functions and can deposit almost any article you can think of. Some of their most common uses include:
  • Festivals and events: The Storage Containers are perfect to keep equipment and supplies safe overnight;
  • Schools and universities: They can store maintenance equipment, office supplies, school technology, thus saving space for other academic activities.
  • Construction: Storing high value commercial inventory, equipment, and supplies on site, without supervision or worrying about unfavourable weather conditions is possible with the help of storage containers. These allow keeping articles safe, avoiding the risk of deterioration or theft.

Once the contract is signed, the price remains fixed for the entire duration of our collaboration.

If you wish to purchase containers in Galati or for other locations in the country and benefit from high quality for manufacturer prices, please contact us at 0723 56 99 29 or e-mail us at

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