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About Palmex – Containers Manufacturer

The company Palmex CM produces and sells at manufacturer's prices
office-, site-, dwelling- type containers, made in compliance with ISO rules.

The main characteristics that set us apart:

  • 10+ experience in the container production and business.
  • Clients across Europe are provided with office, sanitary, storage and maritime containers.
  • We occupy an important place in the Europe’s manufacturers market.
  • The turnover in 2021/2022 is € 25+ million.
  • We have over 130 employees and looking to enlarge our team by 15 - 20% by the end of 2024.
  • We are certified in the quality rules: ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001.
  • 33,000 m2 production halls.
  • Own fleet of trucks.
  • We adhere to socially responsible practices.
  • We adhere to environmentally friendly production methods.
30,000+ sqm hall
Our production unit is 30,000+ m2 and works according to the most severe quality and safety criteria. We implement quality rules ISO9001/2008, and constantly adapt to the market’s demands.
Top quality
Our modular containers are in compliance with the quality standards in force, are new, state of the art, and incorporate recent enhancements in design and structure of the materials complying with the imposed standards.
Qualified personnel
Safety, health, environment, and quality are our core values. Each employee respects healthy work conditions, safe work, is aware of the environment and delivery of the highest quality level to our clients.

Benefits of working with Palmex

  The Palmex CM Company produces, sells at producer prices, and rents office-type containers, site containers, home containers, all done respecting the standards.
Over 10 years of experience

Take advantage of our experience in the container field and the field of mobile space solutions.

GREEN technology

Due to the modern production processes, we save over 5000 kg of CO2 every year compared to the standard products.

Onsite counselling

Our employees are with you from the beginning, and they are happy to give you advice in your mother tongue.

Our own European production

Due to our own factories in Europe, we can guarantee the highest quality, a wide range of products and continuous availability.

Financing solutions

Depending on your needs, we can offer you several types of financing: buying, renting and leasing.

On-site assembly teams

The specially trained assembly teams ensure the seamless assembly of your containers directly on-site.

Manufacturer prices
Fast delivery
Wide selection
Superior quality
3D Projects gratuity
Small prices

Our Clients

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