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Office Containers - Secure and flexible.

Manufacturer prices
Fast delivery
Wide selection
Superior quality
3D Projects gratuity
Small prices

The office containers are made of sandwich panels with a steel structure. They are designed in order to be easily installed (designed in LEGO System, in order to be easily set up and dismantled), transported and reused, ideal for temporary locations, mobile locations or as a rapid solution for carrying out an activity which is connected to your business. We can fully or partially equip them, depending on your business necessities.

The office containers offer a safe, flexible, and economic space.

The advantages of office containers



The recycling of old containers in order to create something useful is one of the main advantages of an office container. There are containers which are not presently used, and, by reusing them in this way, we find an excellent way of finding them a different purpose.


While the name office container can sound as being too small to offer ample space for an office, there are a multitude of options which could offer adequate space. A medium-sized office container is perfect for offering office space, as well as office storage for 1-2 people.


A major advantage of an office container is that it is easily transported. If your business needs to relocate, a smaller container can be transported as a truck - which means that you can take your office almost anywhere.

Wide selection

You can choose any of our options for office containers, depending on your needs. We offer one-window, as well as two-window office containers.

Office-type Containers


Our office containers can also be permanent. Even so, they also work well in temporary office spaces, such as a construction site or during a renovation project in your current office building.

Once the contract is signed, the price remains fixed for the entire duration of our collaboration.

If you wish to purchase containers in Galati or for other locations in the country and benefit from high quality for manufacturer prices, please contact us at 0723 56 99 29 or e-mail us at

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