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Housing Containers

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Containers Homes - Equipped according to customer requirements - Palmex
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The Housing Containers are a modern alternative to traditional homes. The effectiveness of container homes lies in their durability, versatility and accessibility. There are many reasons why people choose to acquire container homes. They offer a unique style and bold architecture that attracts all age categories. They are much more accessible than traditional homes, and they offer more flexibility in their location. The sandwich panels, which make the container homes excellent from an insulation point of view, are applied on all the walls and the roof of the building. The bedroom containers are an excellent solution for cases where there is a need for extra speeling spaces, such as within an accommodation centre or inside a student campus. They can be fitted with beds, wardrobes, and other facilities necessary for resting comfortably. Also, the container homes are an ideal solution for emergency situations, or for renovation/building, earthquakes, floods, or other calamities. They are ideal for offering temporary shelter to affected persons.

The advantages of the Housing Containers



The bedroom containers are cheaper to build than traditional homes. This is due to the fact that they are made of recycled materials and need less work to build. On our site you can find container homes starting at Euro 2300.00


The container homes are durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. This is due to the fact that they are made of resistant steel with walls insulated with sandwich panels, which offer thermal protection and sound protection.


The Container homes are easily modified. Several containers can be combined in order to create a much larger living space, to your liking.


A single dedicated transport service to lift up and move a single-container home can be used anywhere in the world.

Container homes Bedroom Palmex


The container homes can be decorated with a combination of modular and recycled furniture, in order to fully take advantage of space. This creates a unique style, especially for those who wish to practice minimal design.

Once the contract is signed, the price remains fixed for the entire duration of our collaboration.

If you wish to purchase containers in Galati or for other locations in the country and benefit from high quality for manufacturer prices, please contact us at 0723 56 99 29 or e-mail us at

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