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Site containers - Metallic structure

Palmex Site Containers - Metallic Structure
Manufacturer prices
Fast delivery
Wide selection
Superior quality
3D Projects gratuity
Small prices

The site containers are prefabricated structures made of steel or aluminium, designed to be easily and rapidly transported to the desired location and assembled there, in order to offer extra working space, storage space, or even temporary housing. These containers are very versatile and can be personalized to fit the specific needs of each construction project.
Among the advantages of the site containers, mention should be made of the speed and ease of installation, as well as their flexibility. They can be used for a wide range of purposes, including as site offices, locker rooms with lavatory, storage areas for storing construction materials and tools, meeting rooms. In addition, the site containers are very durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions, such as powerful storms, fires or even earthquakes. They can also be equipped with air conditioning and ventilation systems in order to maintain a comfortable environment on the inside, even during hot summers or cold winters.
An important feature of the site containers is that they can be easily moved or reconfigured in order to meet the site’s changing needs. For example, a container which was initially used as site office can be transformed into a meeting room or a storage space depending on the project’s needs. The site containers can have any surface that the client wishes to purchase. They can be simple metallic modular containers or complex metallic containers, with an outside ladder or without one. They are built in LEGO system, which is why they are easily assembled and dismantled.
The site containers are available for sale at very low prices, they are very practical and easy to transport, which is why they represent the most efficient solution for any type of business.

Once the contract is signed, the price remains fixed for the entire duration of our collaboration.

If you wish to purchase containers in Galati or for other locations in the country and benefit from high quality for manufacturer prices, please contact us at 0723 56 99 29 or e-mail us at

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